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Information systems protection

Our goal is to take the client one step further in the protection of their information systems. We offer a transition from an IT Security Consulting approach to a true Continuous Cybersecurity Management, linked to the daily operations of the information systems and the development of a corporative culture regarding digital assets.


It is our managed cybersecurity service offered from a SOC 24x7x365 operated by specialized personnel and which is focused on the main four cybersecurity areas: direction and strategy, prevention, detection and response.

Management and Strategy

Management and Strategy:
CISO as a Service (CISOaaS)

A CISO creates the strategy which aligns the organization’s goals, with the internal and external demands in terms of cybersecurity. At the same time, it defines and promotes policies, procedures and regulations, which contemplate the real risks of the organization, and it develops organizational, technical and human measure for the protection of the digital assets.

Cloud Defense offers the possibility of having an externalized CISO adapted to each client’s necessities, which are always different.


Threat & Vulnerability Management

Each day there are dozens of new vulnerabilities: exploits, malware, data leaks… Which of these are critical and require urgent action? Which can wait? Which ones don’t affect us? Cloud Defence threat management provides context-specific information, simplifies decision making and reduces the information system risks.

Continuous Ethical Hacking

Security audits are statical and formal. They are a frozen image of a specific moment in time. Are audits once a year? Every two years? What happens the rest of the time? Continuous ethical hacking covers the risk space between the audit processes and provides agile information on the real state of cybersecurity.

Training and Awareness

Human factor is the most likely to cause a security incident. Training technical staff is necessary but raising awareness in work staff and managers is essential.

Cloud Defense’s awareness service runs a campaign of up to 9 months aligned with the INCIBE recommendations, combining social engineering, outreach and training.


Security device management

The number of elements and devices that participate in today’s security does not stop growing… ¿NGFW? ¿WAF? ¿Antispam? ¿Threat Prevention? ¿Endpoint security?

Cloud Defence allows delegating the organization’s security devices and elements management in order to include the solution’s complete life cycle and its management in a 24x7x365 format.

Security event management

Each security device of the company generates a significant amount of events and information. SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) technologies oversee recollecting, normalizing and correlating them, while automating the response is SOAR (Security Orchestration Automation and Response) technologies’ task.

Our Cloud Defense management and automating service offers a SIEM+SOAR service managed 24x7x365 on Microsoft Azure Sentinel technologies.


Threat Remediation

Once vulnerabilities and threats have been identified, the effort needed to solve them is significant and requires constant dedication, which means many companies do not adequately maintain their information systems’ security.

Cloud Defense offers a managed service for vulnerabilities and threats remediation or mitigation in systems, services and applications.

Security Incident Response

Incidents regarding security happen and it is important to be prepared. From our SOC, with trained staff used to incident management, an adapted response plan, which was previously agreed with the client, is deployed, aligned with the legislation and with the aim to minimize the impact of the incident, knowing and investigating its causes and recovering the information system.

IT disaster recovery

A disaster is much more than an incident. Disasters cannot be mitigated or contained… only recovered.

Could Defense offers managed backup replication services, information and services such as secondary CPD. We also plan the recovery process and intervention in case of disaster.


Cyberthreats are a reality, but resignation is not a solution. Our team helps our clients keep their system protected and risks under control.

Regulatory Compliance

Technical counseling service specialized in protecting information systems’ availability, confidentiality, integrity, authenticity and tracking. Furthermore, it contributes to guiding companies to comply with the current legislation and adapt to the industry standards.

We have proven experience in matters such as ISO 27000, PCI DSS, National Security Scheme or Data Protection (GDPR) in private companies and governmental organizations.

Cybersecurity Solutions Integration

From firewalls for multilayer filtering, to SIEM systems, and including software for automated vulnerability assessment (VA), data theft prevention products (DLP), or centralized management of mobile devices (MDM)… once the needs have been identified, our team will be available to deploy recognized solutions in the market to mitigate and manage techonological risks.

IT Forensics

Procurement services, processing, making and analyzing an expert report in fraud investigation cases, information theft, targeted attacks or other cases which require a forensic IT expert.

We offer professionals with proven experience in acquisition of digital evidence, with legal guarantees, on all types of devices: PCs, laptops, servers, backup copies, mobile devices, mailboxes, network folders…

Ethical Hacking / Red Team

A team of experts, with the customer’s authorization, will attack their information systems and users, the same way those who seek to damage digital assets would do.

The duration, authorized techniques, final goal, the in and out of reach aims, the assailant’s location and the initial privilege levels will be previously agreed with the client. The ITRES team will do the rest. Results are often surprising.

Cybersecurity Management Plan

We identify the system’s assets, through a risk analysis (MAGERIT methodology), measuring main threats to the business and, taking the ISO 27002 controls as a reference, main deficiencies in the existing safeguards.

Ultimately, we will propose a catalogue, in order of actions and projects priority, which seek an effective and uniform risk reduction.

IT support in financial services

Business processes are supported almost entirely by information systems, which are becoming more and more relevant. Consequently, financial auditing or fraud detection require a specialized IT support that guarantees precise information and, in case it is not precise, it indicates the severity and causes of the inaccuracy.

We offer a range of highly specialized services in financial teams support: databases information auditing, erased or inconsistent information, audit assertions control, controlled simulation of business processes, information system traceability checking and physical and logical controls verification.


We have a specialized customer service team