Located in a strategic transport and communications

Spot in the east, the Polígono Industrial Oeste. It is less than a kilometer away from the ADIF Murcia-Mercancías station, having access to the optical fiber from the railway infrastructure manager. The main telecommunications operators can access the data center facilities from four different physical paths.

The services’ security and continuity are guaranteed by the data center protection systems and is also supported/backed by the proximity to public emergency services: Firemen, Local police and National Police, less than 6 minutes away.

350 m² of facilities


+20.000 managed hosts

+60.000 mailboxes

33 installed racks

88 capacity racks

Services and Products

Public, hybrid and private cloud

Supported by Nutanix and VMWare technology, we offer the possibility of having a Private Cloud in classic or hyperconvergent environments. Similarly, we facilitate access to our own Cloud (Public Cloud), deployed with the most prestigious software and hardware manufacturers, to cover for example specific peaks of work, with that scalability that should result in improved costs.

Interconnection Services

We can propose interconnection solutions between sites, directly or through our DPC using multiple technologies: MPLS networks, Radio link, wireless solutions and point to point fiber optics. In these designs will always be an advantage, our presence in INTERXION (Madrid) and NIXVAL (Valencia).

The keys to our clients' success


Energy is transformed at low voltage through two different transformation centers, with independent physical access paths to the data center. In addition, two HIMOINSA generators in N+1 configuration guarantee the power supply in case of external net failure, with 2,200 liters of fuel for an up to 4 days autonomy, which are also rechargeable. Furthermore, we have 2 Vertiv modular UPS, one for branch A and another for branch B, both with capacity to assume the entire load of the DPC in case one of the branches goes down.


A hot aisle / cold aisle distribution guarantees the best thermal performance. Precise air conditioning equipment, placed in the rack rows, keep humidity and temperature parameters adequate and stable. We have Vertiv inRow air conditioning: 75kW cooling and 40kW backup. The environmental monitoring system is backed in N+2 format, and a total of 15 remote sensors are used to control accuracy.


The data center is interconnected with Madrid (Interxion) and Valencia (Nixval) through an optical fiber ring, using three different physical paths. Through this ring we offer the IP interconnection service, which is available in different configurations. Moreover, the communications operators at the data center can provide different transport and interconnection services.


The zones are protected by a double confirmation fire detector system, with automatic extinguishing in case of heat and/or smoke detection. We use an inert gas, FM-200, which allows to preserve electronics: it does not harm nor leave a residue.


Access protected by a grade III armored door, with steel fence, anti-leverage, lock with anti-recoil latches, anti-strain box and side bolts with different anchor points. Entrance to the facilities is only allowed to staff registered in the access matrix, after identity verification which is carried out in the outside zone of the NOC. An armed private security team conducts perimeter surveillance rounds at the data center 24x7x365.


There is a group of 6 people at the NOC and another 6 that work as system administrators, which guarantee a 24x7 service by constantly monitoring the parameters previously agreed with the clients. Strict preventive and evolutionary protocols guarantee the best availability, as well as the design of corrective actions, ensuring a quick intervention in case of incidents.


We have a specialized customer service team