Customized solutions

All business processes are currently supported by new technologies and any business process, ERP, WMS, e-commerce… requires an infrastructure to support it. At ITRES we provide the necessary solutions so that these processes can develop in an optimal way, with the most cutting-edge tools and manufacturers.

Classic and Hyperconvergent Virtualization Environments

SAN storage, NAS,
storage virtualization

Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions. Design, implementation and maintenance

Middleware: operating system management, databases, mail and SaaS solutions

Access Networks, Wan Networks, Internet: LAN/SD-Access; Wireless LAN/WIFI 6, Routers, Autonomous Systems...

Software defined networks

Network Management: Smart DD; DNS+DHCP+IPAM

Network Management and Administration Tools

Exclusive Services


Some organizations do not incorporate a CTO or CIO figure in their organization chart. ITRES offers the possibility of outsourcing these functions, so that an external Department Director is the one who manages with clients, the NNTT needs and optimizes investment budgets through agreements that we have with the technological sector.


ITRES currently manages more than 500 Aps from different clients through delegated systems. Wireless network design, establishing security policies, Hot Spot management, configuration, maintenance, patching and spot replacement when damaged, are all done in a transparent and independent way for clients.


For those clients who purchase large volumes, we offer our experience in negotiating with wholesalers, as well as some special conditions, so that large supply agreements can be closed through our Purchasing Department.


Outsourcing resources within organizations has become popular with the emergence of temporary employment agencies in the labor market at the end of the 90s. They key of this service is knowing the client’s needs and locating the adequate people that can provide this service successfully, having a technical project manager who is leading the team effectively and, by all means, to avoid this role from becoming a mere administrative task.

ITSM Management

Following the practices that promote the latest trends in ITIL, SCRUM or AGILE, are the right formula to collaborate with clients and help them design the IT management framework, as well as being fundamental when managing our own projects.

GOC (Global Operation Center) 24x7x365

Managed services are the delegation, by the clients, of the processes linked to the maintenance (preventive, evolutionary and corrective) of their infrastructures, as well as the treatment of the incidences and events that they generate. To this end, besides monitoring and resolving events, ITRES also manages a team of 12 people to guarantee an SLA, which was previously agreed with each organization, and cover an N1/N2 service levels. Differentiating yourself from the competition is offering a 24x7x365 service, not only with monitoring, but also with people, attending events and incidents and resolving them in N1 or N2, applying the best practices.


We attend to service requests and carry out maintenance operations which are planned and agreed with clients. Service hours: from Monday to Sunday, 24 hours, every day of the year.


We monitor information systems 24x7x365 to detect its availability, capacity and security anomalies, with a procedure associated with each event for its resolution in N1.


Monitoring is a great ally for anomalies detection, unfortunately, it is not sufficient. They must be corrected. This is a problem for any IT department that does not operate continuously. Therefore, we advise our clients to fully delegate the management of availability, capacity and security incidents, no matter how complex, to our operations technicians. This way we will attend any alert or anomaly that occurs, and we will do this following the agreed procedures; 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


We have our own data center in Murcia which integrates public, private and hybrid Could solutions. In addition, we count with two points of presence in Valencia and Madrid, with the possibility to integrate the same solutions in them. This allows us to offer our clients different scenarios for the IT continuity of their systems (cold, warm, hot or no-standby), starting with the most basic (for example, backup replication), going through other more advanced ones with asynchronous information replicas and reaching real time “active-active” replication, or implementation of delegated cloud balancing services with intelligent node checking.



In case of an incident or service request, a team of technicians and engineers will be available to solve it. Each client decides the level of support required depending on the criticality of their information systems. Also podrá́ choose if your IT staff acts in any of these levels, define a protocol of action and coordination; being able to integrate with a third party or the client's IT team.


You can contact the GOC through the online support center, phone support or email. In any case, specialized personnel, certified and physically located in Spain, will be available to provide the service.